Carbon Fiber Wide Pin Black Leather Dress Belt by Nickel Smart®

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From the hand tooled full grain leather strap to the cutting-edge technology of the carbon fiber buckle, this belt is destined for greatness. No need to trade serious good looks for function, this belt has it all. Designed to be at home in the dress- to dress-casual setting.

If nickel allergy symptoms are causing constant discomfort or if you're ready to travel metal-free, look no further. The buckle has been hand sewn to assure there is no metal to set off detectors or metal rashes.

One year guarantee against defects or breakage. Made in the USA!

How to Measure for Your New Carbon Fiber Belt

Style: Carbon Fiber Wide Pin Buckle
Material: Nickel free, metal free carbon fiber

Color: Black
Width: 1½ inches (38 mm)
Materials: Full grain leather

Buckle is sewn onto strap: No metal snaps used.

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