June 16th

Celebrate Dad

with a TSA-friendly belt

TSA Friendly Belts - No Metal

Carbon Fiber Buckles

Skip Removing Your Belt At Security Check Points

No Metal Belts

Zip Thru Courthouse Security

and still look professional

Made in USA

TSA Friendly Belts

Save Time When Going Thru Security

Krist L. -

"Nothing like going through a metal detector, un-detected."


Direct from our Customers
Direct from our Customers
A fantastic metal alternative buckle for those tired of dealing with metal allergies.
— Kristina S.
Direct from our Customers
Bought this belt so I didn’t have to take it off when going through the TSA check in. It worked like a charm!
— Kyle G.
Direct from our Customers
As a pilot I cannot live without it! This is my second one
— Scott A.
Direct from our Customers
Love these belts. I work in a secure area and have to pass through metal detectors everyday. Not only do these not set off the detectors but they are made of good quality material. The leather is genuine cause I tend to wear my belts tight but no cracks or cuts from that yet. Others tend to only last so long. This will be my go to belt.
— Nate
Direct from our Customers
— Jeffery Z.
Direct from our Customers
This my third belt and only bought a new because I needed a smaller belt. Always works well going through a metal detector.
— Ernest Z.
Direct from our Customers
I love the carbon fiber buckles and no metal construction.
— David C.
Direct from our Customers
great gift option
— Karen B.

TSA Friendly Belts

Save Time Going Thru Security.

Whether navigating TSA airport security, workplace checkpoints, work "inside the fence" or just need a hypoallergenic belt, we have the largest selection of metal free leather belts - and they are all Made in the USA!

End the hassle of removing your belt during security checks.

TSA Friendly Belts

Made in USA

No metal in buckle

No metal snaps to set off metal detectors

Carbon fiber buckles are stitched on

Fine, full grain leather strap