We guarantee all our carbon fiber belts for one year when worn as intended (i.e., as a professional dress belt or travel belt). Our carbon fiber belts should not be used as work belts; they are not constructed for heavy duty wear. Carbon fiber buckles are not strong enough and will break.

Should one of our products break or have structural defects during that one-year period, it will be repaired or replaced at the discretion of CarbonFiberBelts.com, at no additional cost to you. To initiate a claim, send a description and pictures of the issue to mdow@athenallergy.com.

Please Note: Belts altered by customer will void any warranty. If an extra hole is needed, we can do so for you at no charge. The customer would be responsible for shipping only. Hole size and location greatly impact buckle durability - please leave this to our belt gurus!

Guarantee for Certified Nickel Free™ Products

Every Certified Nickel Free product we sell comes with the unconditional lifetime guarantee to never test positive for nickel. Please contact us should you ever have a concern with a nickel allergic reaction; we stand behind our products for life.

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