"When I grow up, I want to make belts!"  

Nope! We did not say we wanted to make belts when we grew up. It just happened.  We started our company Athena Allergy, Inc. in 2003 with an updated and easy to use nickel detection kit, Nickel Alert. Things just grew from there.  We have been in dermatology and allergy specialty fields for over half our lives. We know the metals that cause people the most problems and work daily to provide better solutions. We really are the Nickel Allergy Experts. 

We can talk for hours about contact dermatitis and what to avoid....probably why we aren't invited to a lot of cocktail parties :) 

Thank you for taking the time to look at CarbonFiberBelts.com. It is our showcase site for all our handcrafted leather belts with carbon fiber buckles all made in the USA.