We recommend our carbon fiber belts to those people who suffer from multiple metal allergies because they are truly zero metal belts. The buckles are made of 100% carbon fiber and then are hand stitched to the belt strap. Zero metal means no chance of a metal allergy reaction. If metal allergy is an issue, check out The Zero Metal Belt Duo which provides black and brown full grain leather belts with a trendy wide-pin carbon fiber buckle! Lots of comfort and style with zero metal allergy rash, guaranteed!

But, the other benefits are also obvious! A metal free belt is a beep-free belt when going through security checkpoints at the airport and at work. More jobs are requiring metal detector screenings and our zero metal belts provide workers an easy pass with no belt removal necessary! The Stealth Brown Belt lives up to its name, if security clearances are part of your daily routine, go stealth-mode. 

Carbon fiber has long been successfully used in the aerospace, automotive, and sporting goods industries as it is strong yet lightweight. Now it has found solid standing in the fashion industry. For those looking for a unique belt, The Classified Distressed Leather Belt offers the conveniences of a compact carbon fiber pin buckle which is hand-stitched to a gray distressed leather strap. Visually appealing and incredibly comfortable, this belt offers incomparable style.

Carbon fiber works on so many levels, and looks amazing as an added bonus. The sleek, high-tech look of carbon fiber is a definite selling point. We're currently offering both traditional pin-style carbon fiber buckles and hook-style buckles on a variety of handcrafted leather straps. For the sophisticated techie, our CF 2.0 Belts in Black or Brown offer polished style with a futuristic edge. 

While we've provided a few choices from our array of nickel free, metal free, and beep free carbon fiber belts, there are more to see. Visit CarbonFiberBelts.com today!


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