Carbon Fiber Belts were once marketed as “ideal for frequent fliers” and they are indeed perfect for airline security checks as these zero metal belts don’t have to be removed! But as more industries are adding metal detectors as part of simply entering the workplace, carbon fiber belts are becoming indispensable for daily work life.

What sets apart is their belts’ design and function. These Carbon Fiber Belts are truly zero metal belts. The 100% carbon fiber buckles have been sewn to the leather straps avoiding all use of metal, so there is nothing on these belts to set off a metal detector. In addition, the leather straps are handcrafted in the USA using a solid piece of leather for durability. Carbon Fiber Belts come in black, gray, and several shades of brown to offer professional and casual looks for the workplace.

At, the owners comment that they receive calls from nuclear power plant workers, electricians, judges, and lawyers – all professions that benefit from having durable metal free belts.  Employees who “work inside the fence” in highly secured areas have expressed their appreciation for these metal -free belts! Most professionals are seeking zero metal belts that aren’t made of cloth or plastic and are sharing the word that they have found the source for stylish non-metal belts.  

Recommended belts at are the CF 2.0 Black Belt which is highly regarded for the professional sleek style, the Carbon Fiber Wide Pin Brown Belt which has a more casual appeal, and The Classified Distressed Gray Belt for the perfect mix of style and comfort.  Each of these three belts has a three year guarantee against breakage.

The sophisticated CF 2.0 Black Belt with Silver Weave Buckle offers a new look in carbon fiber buckles. This attractive pairing of black top grain leather and a silver hook buckle makes an ideal dress belt.

In addition to easy maneuvering through security checkpoints, these belts are the perfect solution for those individuals who suffer from nickel allergy or allergies to any metal. As the Carbon Fiber Belts are completely metal free, they cannot cause any type of allergic reaction to metal!

It would seem that only more metal detectors will be showing up in the future, so give one of these great-looking belts a test – you’ll pass through with ease!


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