Carbon Fiber Silver Weave Hook Buckle (1½") by Nickel Smart®

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Suave, sophisticated, svelte...the silver weave of this carbon fiber buckle adds style to your look!

What it won't add is any chance of a metal allergy reaction - this 100% carbon fiber buckle is metal free! That also means this buckle won't set off any metal detectors. If you're familiar with the use of carbon fiber in other industries, you know it is very lightweight and durable.


  • Hook Buckle fits 1½ inch or 38 mm straps
  • The hook fits most perfectly with size #4 hole
  • Dimensions: 2¾ inches (70 mm) long x 1⅝ inches (41 mm) wide
  • Materials: 100% Carbon Fiber in Silver
  • Certified Nickel Free™-guaranteed for life to never test positive for nickel
  • Six month guarantee against breakage
  • Hypoallergenic
Looking for a metal free belt made with this buckle? CF 2.0 Black Leather Belt with Silver Weave Buckle

A very small staple is used to secure the leather keeper. The staple is fully encased and will not touch your skin or trigger metal detectors.

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