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Travel belt set won't set off metal detectors! Zero metal as the carbon fiber buckle is stitched to the strap. Made in USA
Belt Set - one black belt, one brown belt - both are metal free and handcrafted in the USA
Zero metal belt set - one black belt, one brown belt - both made in the USA with 100% carbon fiber buckles
Chart to get the perfect belt size in a metal free belt

The Specialist Belt Set by Nickel Smart®

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 Attention-grabbing for their high-tech look, but they can also take you under the radar when it comes to security screening!

These 100% carbon fiber belts are 100% metal free! The buckles are hand sewn to the full grain leather straps so they are beepless through metal detectors!

Take your travel to new heights both from a fashion perspective and a new ease in TSA screening. 

And that's not all there is to these amazing belts! They have been handcrafted in the USA of one solid piece of full grain leather which makes them a comfortable travel companion! 

Enjoy the journey!

These belts are also sold separately: The Specialist Black Belt and The Specialist Brown Belt. 


Style: Carbon Fiber Pin Buckle by Nickel Smart

100% Carbon Fiber - Certified Nickel Free™


Color: One black, one caramel brown