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The Classified Black Belt by Nickel Smart®
Beep free belt - carbon fiber buckle is stitched to real leather belt, made in USA
Metal free black belt - carbon fiber buckle and handcrafted leather strap
Security Clearance Belt - no metal just great looks in a carbon fiber buckle and handcrafted strap
Why buy Carbon Fiber Belts? Zero Metal, Handcrafted in the USA!
Chart to get the perfect belt size in a metal free belt

The Classified Black Belt by Nickel Smart®

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Top Secret Clearance? The Classified (Code Name Zero Metal) Belt will get you through metal screenings with ease!

Top grain black leather combined with the sleek look of carbon fiber creates an incomparable dress belt. While looking great, this completely metal free belt also provides lasting relief from metal allergy symptoms. 

This TSA-Friendly Belt means record time through airport security. One (more) way we differ from our competitors? The compact buckle has been hand stitched to avoid ALL metal. 

Three-year guarantee against defects or breakage! Lifetime guarantee to never test positive for nickel. 


Style: Carbon Fiber Square Wide Pin Buckle
Material: 100% Carbon Fiber, Certified Nickel Free™


Color: Black
Width: 1⅜ inches or 35 mm wide
Material: Top grain leather

Handmade in the USA

This belt is also available with a distressed gray strap: The Classified Distressed Gray Belt.